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Company Policy

Company Policy

About Us


Bilgesin Foundry Machine Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 2007. Purpose of the enterprise; domestic and foreign markets by making iron and non-ferrous castings; appropriate quality, price and timely delivery-is to make product sales.

First you in our values ​​our customers needs, in line've requested technical specifications, the technical picture or analysis, the above alloys for casting and machining made​​, aluminum, aluminum alloys, bronze alloys, copper and copper alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron and steel as a spare part to your request we provide the answer.

bilgesin döküm

Bilgesin Foundry Machine Industry and Trade Limited Company; Amateurs have a soul consists of expert staff.
Production Line:
2 Piece Induction Furnace 500 Kg Liga
3 Piece Q700 Horizontal Centrifugal
1 Piece Q1100 Horizontal Centrifugal
1 Piece Q150 Centrifugal Vertical
2 pcs Q300 Length 2m Tos Lathe
1 Piece Q350 Length 1mt China Lathe
1 Piece Q800 Length 2.5 M Tos Lathe
1 Piece Q550 Length 2 M China Lathe
1 Piece Spektromax Analyzer (ISO 9001 Certified)
1 Piece Hardness Testing Machine (ISO 9001 Certified)
1 Piece Q800 Length 3m Russian Lathe

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